Meltdowns, Mishaps and Mistakes: Not The Best Week For Celebs


As the grind of Monday rolls around again, flipping on the office lights and sitting in your less than welcoming chair as you set sail for the next 40 hours might not seem as bad when compared to our so called “modern day royalty”. The first week of November has certainly been a show stopper to say the least. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Now, if you’re anything but a 12 year old girl, listening to the Jonas Brothers may have left you thinking to yourself on occasion, “How do you stand it?!” Well, that’s obviously the same question Demi Lovato must have been asking herself when she abruptly and without notice, left the Jonas Tour and checked herself into rehab to reportedly deal with physical and emotional issues. But, I guess there’s only so much exposure to the constant waves of teenie-bopper’s cries of praise one can sustain. Hmm… maybe we should try this tactic on war criminals to extract answers? Apparently, water boarding has got nothing on screaming Jonas fans. I’m just sayin’.

Next, we have a sad discovery over at the Discovery Network when executives found out Matt Hughes who stars in Storm Chasers will not be returning due to his untimely suicide. As if that news wasn’t enough precipitation for you, this was followed by authorities revealing they found the body of Bachelorette star, Julien Hug, who also was deemed a suicide.

Now what Hollywood week in review would be complete without a new breakup to announce? And no… not Charlie Sheen. This is news, not obvious consequences. We’re talking about the Cyrus home. Billy Ray and Leticia Cyrus have filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage, which for their pop-star daughter Miley, who turns 18 in a couple months, makes for less than a “Party in the USA”. But I’m sure she’ll be fine even with her new found reason for more partying than normal. What could go wrong with a hugely successful teen superstar singer/actress from a broken home when fame pulls the family apart? (Insert Lindsay Lohan joke here).

Let’s finish our weekly tinsel town hodgepodge with a real heavy weigh in… Presidential if you will. That’s right, our 42nd Commander-in-chief made the list when George W. Bush stirred things up by publicly announcing his utter disdain for Kayne West stating, it was “one of the most disgusting moments” in his presidency when West said he didn’t “care about black people.” Frankly, the fact of the matter is, nobody will ever know where good ol’ Georgey Boy stands on minorities… but irrespective of his feelings and much more importantly, how is Kayne still famous? The man built his entire career on embarrassing moments, inane comments, and numerous classless upstaging attempts that have left fellow entertainers ashamed to be on the same bill.

See, that’s the problem with the “fame situation” we have in this country. We have a tried and true way to get people into the limelight, but no way to remove them. Need more proof? I’m still hearing stories about Hill’s star Spencer Pratt, who as far as I can see, is famous from being a pissy tool. We need to find a way to talk to America, listen to their feedback and call Hollywood “kibosh meetings”. Take these losers, sit them down and say, “Listen, Kayne… We gave it a shot. It started okay… But, it’s just not working out. You are no longer famous. Sorry. Now go away.”

What do you think? Just say the word nation and I’ll make some phone calls!

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