Men Dressed as Women, Without the Awkward Conversation


I moved to Las Vegas for a few different reasons, but mainly because I was in search of something exciting and new. Last week, exciting and new was in the form of cross-dressers. Frank Marino’s Divas isn’t exactly the type of show I would normally indulge in, but I did move to Vegas with every intention of being “exposed,” to the world, so I went.


My friends and I sat near the back, but the theater inside the Imperial Palace is intimate enough to where there really aren’t any bad seats in the house. The lights went out, the curtains opened, and there it was – a broad shouldered beauty accompanied by dancers. At the beginning of the show you’re fully aware that the ladies on stage are actually men, but after a few moments that idea gives way and you simply start to enjoy the performances. The impersonators cover a range of styles and decades. We saw everything from Dolly Parton to Lady Gaga. Frank Marino does well playing the part of Joan Rivers and keeps the show running smoothly. The comedy is vulgar and definitely not for kids. You’ll find yourself laughing the entire night.

Despite the social taboo of men impersonating women, the show is not sexual in nature. The actors are professionals that are dedicated to their work and it shows through their performances. Divas is definitely a unique show here in Vegas and you’ll have a great time seeing it. Don’t let your inhibitions get the best of you, it’s time to be ballsy… so to speak.

Show times: Every day except Friday at 10:00pm.
Tickets: $69 – $79, can be purchased at the Imperial Palace box office.

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