Mens Guide: How to Meet Women in a Bookstore


Hello gentlemen. The modern day bookstore is a hotbed of good looking, literate, single females. Why, you ask? Well, because when we complain to our friends, mothers, and therapists about meeting scumbags at the club every weekend, we are advised to go to the bookstore to meet men instead. Men everywhere are catching on, and showing up at the local Barnes and Noble in droves on Friday and Saturday night. The problem is, though these men are on point in terms of locale, they are utilizing the same strategies to pick up women that they might use at the club. This is, needless to say, not the most effective approach. Today I’m going to be discussing strategies you might want to employ, and avoid, when attempting to pick up women in a bookstore.

Strategy to Avoid #1: “Do you work out? You look like you work out.”

Although this particular line should be avoided in any venue, it’s particularly offensive at the bookstore. While practicing the art of seduction amongst the likes of Voltaire and Chaucer, it’s important to maintain a certain level of dignity and self respect. Avoid references to our body shape, body quality, body odor–just don’t go there. It never comes across as suave. Ever.

Strategy to Avoid #2: Compliments.

You just met this woman, and you’re already complimenting her on her boots, the color of her hair, and how good she smells? Here’s the thing about premature compliments: they always come across as inauthentic at best, sleazy at worst. And at a family friendly bookstore no less. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Strategy to Avoid #3: Talking loudly.

This isn’t an amusement park, it’s a bookstore. Use your inside voice, and don’t embarrass her. If other people start looking, she’ll probably start walking. No one likes to be associated with the weird guy shouting in the bookstore. No one.

Strategy to Employ #1 and ONLY:

“Hi, I’m Ben. How’s it going?”

That’s all it takes, boys. A simple introduction. As long as you don’t pee your pants while you shout it, you’re guaranteed that she introduces herself in return. Where you go from there is another blog entirely, but I hope I’ve provided you with some insights that will aid in your navigation of the hot singles hangout of the moment, the modern day bookstore.

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