Michael Douglas Finishes Cancer Treatment and Walks Red Carpet


Shia LaBeouf wasn’t kidding when he said that cancer had picked the wrong guy. Actor Michael Douglas, who was diagnosed with an especially dangerous form of throat cancer in early August, is completing his final rounds of therapy after eight weeks of both chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

“It’s a fight,” says the 65-year-old Oscar winner, who hasn’t let the cancer, fatigue or the treatment stop him even though the chemo “really knocks you out” he stated. However, “If there’s anything Michael has, it’s strength” Douglas’ wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 40, stated after photos of him walking their 7-year-old daughter, Carys, to school were posted online.

According to Douglas, it’s been “a pretty intense year.” Not only did he receive a cancer diagnosis, but also witnessed the arrest and sentencing of his oldest son Cameron, 31, who is currently serving five years in prison on drug charges.

On a positive note, he was able to attend the New York City premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps alongside director Oliver Stone and co-stars Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan. Douglas credits LaBeouf as being the heart of the movie. “He carries the movie,” Douglas says. “I had to do that before, and I know the responsibility, but Shia carries every scene. It’s a tremendous responsibility for anybody.” LaBeouf describes hi costar as a “wolf” and “the epitome of strength” and stated that Douglas showed no signs of weakness during the filming of his return to his best known role as corporate raider Gordon Gekko from the prequel, Wall Street. Here’s hoping he earns another Oscar for the role and turns the tide on a difficult year.

Written by K. Politis

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