Michael Jordan Invincible Trailer [VIDEO]


His Airness, has there been a more electrifying athlete at his or her given sport? While the all too common argument has long since been debated over the past couple decades, one thing is for certain, Michael Jordan has done as much for the game of basketball, on all levels, as one singular individual for any given game. While most of what I speak on in regards to the 6 time NBA champion is a mere matter of opinion, I do believe that the majority would agree with me when I say that he is the greatest basketball player of all time.

We’ve been so adamant on watching the entrance into the wonderful world of hoops, awaiting the second coming if you will, that I think, even I myself, have forgotten just how dominant he was. A killer instinct to the likes we have never seen and easily one of the most clutch players of all time, it was the intangibles that set Michael head and shoulders above the rest. Game winner after game winner, if you had one shot to be taken during the last seconds of the most important game ever played, who would you want with the ball in their hands for your team?

Now I know popular opinion is that LA Lakers perennial NBA all-star Kobe Bryant is strategically in position to surpass Jordan as the best to ever lace them up, and while I’m honestly not here to dispute that point neither here nor there, my suggestion is to watch this trailer in its entirety and then go back to re-think your stance.

The presented cinematic footage is but a preview of a short film by LK12Productions, that is to be released some time next year. The piece features a well put together highlight reel of Jordan’s key moments throughout his illustrious career. Chalk full of championship footage, crucial game winning shots, and moves that will make you want to smack your grandmother – maybe after the debut of this work, all of the ultra hyped Kobe/MJ comparisons will be re-thought and those will realize accordingly that the two aren’t as close as many arguments suggest.

See trailer below:

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