Michael Jordan Tells UNC Players not to Wear Kobe Bryant’s Shoes [VIDEO]


It’s no big secret that the greatest basketball player of all time, does, in fact, think of himself that way now-a-days. Barring his Hall of Fame induction speech where His Airness basically spit (figuratively) on everyone who ever doubted him or had any negative connotation towards him, that’s really where he let is over-blown ego take the forefront.

One of the seemingly few positives surrounding the iconic athlete is his continued connection to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he played his college ball. And with the Tar Heels playing their first two games of this year’s NCAA basketball tournament in Charlotte, NC just last week (where MJ calls home), that of course meant that MJ would be there to offer up a few words of inspiration — or maybe not.

Instead of pumping the team up with some profound, intellectual, and motivational words of wisdom, the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats took a slightly different approach. His aim — Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard, Kobe Bryant and well, shoes.

While MJ hasn’t really shown any upfront hatred or dislike rather, to the hoops-star that is closely compared to himself, he does however demand that the UNC ball players get rid of their Kobe Bryant kicks and rock some appropriated Jordans. No argument here. Legend is as legend does, just makes for a moderately comical offering of which we can scrutinize one of this generation’s greatest athletes. Ease up, Mr. Jordan. No slaps in the face from your fellow Tar Heels. Let’s just hope they can crank out two more W’s this weekend. PS. what shoes are you wearing now?

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