Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin: Magical 8 Years Over


“Ahhhhh!” Our favorite little child star of the 90’s “Home Alone” movies, Macaulay Culkin, has broken up with “That 70’s Show” star, Mila Kunis. How’s this for top secret? The couple have split after reportedly dating for eight years! I don’t remember hearing anything about that? But then again, I haven’t exactly seen too many Macaulay Culkin headlines in the tabloids in about 20 years either. So… mystery solved I suppose.

Apparently, Culkin began dating Kunis when she landed the voiceover role playing Meg Griffin on “Family Guy.” Culkin said, admittedly, “his love for the animated show helped begin their relationship.” Talk about a child at heart. For those of you following along, the man chose his spouse because of a cartoon. That is ridiculously adorable.

According to the Huffington Post, 2006 was the year “rumors spread that the couple was engaged, which Kunis flatly denied that to Parade Magazine in 2007, but she did open up about how healthy and loving their relationship was at the time.”

This split comes as somewhat of a surprise based on the way Kunis raved about Culkin during the few interviews she dropped the tight-lipped act regarding her ultra-private relationship. “We enjoy each other’s company. We like to read books or play video games or watch TV or go to the movies. And he’s an amazing cook. He makes dinner every night.” She goes on to praise, “He’s an amazing, simple guy, who is probably the most brilliant person I’ve ever met. He’s so, so smart and so aware and so kind and so sweet.”

So… so… why did you break up with him Mila? Well, as of now, it seems nobody is really sure. As reported by FatherHoodChannel, “Kunis announced that her eight-year relationship with Culkin was history, reportedly a secret the couple kept from the public for several months as she promoted her latest movie, ‘Black Swan.’ ”

Though Kunis seems to be doing well after the breakup, insiders are saying that the same can’t be said for Culkin. The actor, who has a past with drug abuse, is once again feeling “lonely in the world where everyone knows you” – a quote that he shared with his close friend, Michael Jackson. Can you believe this is another child actor gone astray? Not like that’s common. Hey, did I mention Linsay Lohan is out of rehab?

(Image from FatherHoodChannel)

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