Mila Kunis Says Sex with Justin Timberlake Was Uncomfortable


Mila Kunis, 27, is already back in bed shortly following her steamy lesbian sex scene with Natalie Portman in the psycho thriller Black Swan.

This time, she’s hooking up with the likes of Justin Timberlake, 29, in the upcoming romantic comedy Friends with Benefits, and feeling pretty uncomfortable about the intimate love scenes the two share.

It’s very awkward. I mean, the truth is, we got to have very uncomfortable scenes for two weeks.”

Although Kunis admits that she enjoyed working alongside Timberlake and that they frequently joked on set, she claims it was still “very uncomfortable” stripping down for the sexy love scenes with all the crew members focused solely on them.

There’s, like, 150 crew men watching and you see each other’s bits and pieces. The whole thing is just wrong!

The film, which is about two friends taking their relationship to the next level and dealing with the resulting complications, focuses on Kunis, who is looking for a casual, no-strings-attached relationship, and Timberlake, who starts off only looking for sex but later wanting love.

During the [Black Swan press] junket, I would say four people asked me: ‘So, is it more fun to make out with Natalie or Justin?’” she said, in regard to her fellow costars. “And that’s four more than ever should have.”

Although Kunis has appeared extremely open about her sexuality, considering her past photo shoot with Maxim magazine, she’s actually pretty uncomfortable with having her sexuality in the limelight.

The truth of the matter is that it’s just not who I am at all,” she said. “In my experience, playing these types of characters — it’s great to be sexually liberated in all these movies. But it’s still like, ‘Hey, nice to meet you. Here’s my whole body.’

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