Mom Claims Daughter Was Punished After Reporting Bus Sex


strong>DAYTON, Ohio ~ (WHIO-TV/AP) ~ A woman said on May 16th that an Ohio charter school is punishing her daughter for not immediately reporting an incident of two classmates having sex on a school bus.

48-year-old Shaundra Roundtree reported to the Associated Press her 14-year-old daughter told her that, while on a Dayton View Academy school trip, she exchanged seats with a boy who wanted to sit beside another girl, and then saw the two having sex. When the bus returned on April 22nd on the trip to tour out-of-state colleges, the girl told her mother about the incident but said she was afraid to report it to school officials. “She wasn’t sure what the boy might do in response,” Roundtree said. “He might have retaliated against her.” The mother told school officials what her daughter said she witnessed, and they said they would investigate.

School officials told Roundtree on Friday that her daughter would not be allowed to attend the eighth-grade prom or the class picnic next month, but could graduate with her class, Roundtree said. School officials did not return phone calls from the Associated Press. She claims the actions against her daughter send the wrong message. “They punished my daughter — who did the right thing by telling what she saw — but did nothing to the eight chaperones who were sitting in the front of the bus at the time and should have been monitoring the kids,” Roundtree said. “If they are not doing anything to the chaperones, how can they punish my daughter? It sends the message that she shouldn’t have done anything.”

The students seen having sex on the bus were suspended, WHIO-TV in Dayton reported, but Roundtree said school officials would not tell her what — if any — discipline they might face. The mother kept her daughter home on May 16th and is looking into arranging home schooling for the remainder of the school year. “Other students know, and we are afraid of possible retaliation,” said Roundtree, who didn’t release her daughter’s name. She has contacted a lawyer and would like to ask that the school revoke her daughter’s punishment.

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