Mom Nominates 10-Year-Old as Designated Driver


How many of you out there remember cruising around the streets (or yard or driveway) in your shiny, new Barbie Jeep or other Fisher Price-esque, plastic vehicle, when you were just a youngster? Or better yet, remember the glorious occasion when pops finally threw the car keys in your direction and said, “Come on. It’s about time for you to learn how to drive”? Well, for some of us that may have occurred at a younger age than others, but over all, most times, when the opportunity was presented, it was a cause of teaching experience—not out of necessity.

No such case here, as a South Florida mother had the bright idea to select a 10-year-old girl (her daughter at that) to chauffeur her and her boyfriend home after they had consumed a few “adult beverages.” I mean who hasn’t used the ever popular elementary kid, designated driver once or twice in their life? What—no hands raised?

The woman pleaded no contest against the child abuse case, just this past Monday, and will likely serve 18 months in prison for letting her daughter get behind the wheel. Luckily, no one was injured during the incident. Only a few wrecked vehicles and a barreled through house fell victim to the kid’s debut driving experience.

The couple told the authorities that they were simply giving the child driving lessons, when things obviously got out of hand. I mean, that’s normal, right? Who doesn’t go around teaching third graders how to man a vehicle?

Needless to say, the poor girl is probably scarred for life, and thus, will force herself to resort to only a means of bicycle transportation for the duration of her life. Either that‚ or she’s destined to become the next Danica Patrick. What’s your vote?

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