More Problems for Lindsay Lohan


Everyone’s favorite celebrity criminal is at it again. Lindsay Lohan has violated her probation not once, but twice recently. You’d think that by now she would have got tired of weekly court appearances but this is apparently not the case.

Lohan’s first violation comes from failing to comply with the terms of her community service. She was ordered to participate in 360 hours of service for her shoplifting arrest. As part of the terms of probation Lindsay was suppose to work at a downtown L.A. women’s center. The terms of her service were to be punctual, not be disruptive, and work for a minimum of 4 hours each time. In true Lindsay fashion the starlet skipped multiple scheduled appointments and on the days she did serve would often leave less than an hour after arriving. This Behavior eventually got Lindsay fired from her position and later relocated to a Red Cross to finish out her community service hours.

Another term of Lindsay’s probation was to see a psychologist at least once a week. Lohan was sure to blow that off as well citing that she had been out of the country “working.” Luckily for Lindsay she will have a chance to explain all of this to the Judge next week.

According to Radar Online Lindsay has been telling close friends that she is not worried about her meeting with the judge next week. A friend of Lindsay’s told Radar, “She says she knows that she has a year to complete everything and she thinks the judge isn’t going to be able to do anything to her.” Lindsay believes that when she appears in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner next week she will get another lecture at best.

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