More Scandalous Photos Of Miley Released, No One is Surprised


In a shocking turn of events, more scandalous photos of Miley Cyrus have leaked.

After turning 18, Miley seems to be, er, ~exploring~ her wild side a little, including a stint with some salvia-smoking (which, as we saw on Twitter, broke her father’s heart). This, however, seems less of a surprise. Despite the fact that the only way she became famous was in the hearts of little girls, Miley has been acting scandalously since the ripe-old age of fifteen.

The photos seem to be taken at some kind of club or bar. One shows Cyrus with a bunch of scantily clad men (while pulling her shirt up– we get it, you’re in good shape), the other a female pretending to take off part Cyrus’s outfit. Now that Cyrus is 18, though, one could argue it’s not nearly as bad as some of the things we see other young women are doing on facebook.

It’s an interesting debate. On the one hand, I think Cyrus deserves the right to explore her youth and have fun. That said, she should also understand that she’s a) in the public eye and b) got that way thanks to young children. If you’re going to go crazy, would it kill you to stay away from a camera? We recommend the same discernment for us regular joes, it may do her good to follow the same rules.Whether or not you like it, you’re in a position where young women look up to you, and you continually lose the respect of the public and the media by looking like all you care about is looking slutty and partying.

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