Mushroom-Laced Chocolates Seized In Texas Drug Bust


Friendswood, Texas – Local police claim they found chocolate candies laced with psychedelic mushrooms during a drug bust on February 11th. The discovery led to the arrest of 19-year-old Korey Allen Long, who was charged with a first degree felony: possession of a controlled substance (penalty group 2) with intent to deliver.

Long was booked into Friendswood County Jail and later transferred to Galveston County Jail where his bond was set at $20,000. In a news release, Officer Lisa Price said the police had obtained a warrant to search the house in the neighborhood southeast of Houston after a month-long investigation into the sale of marijuana and other drug activities at the home.

Price claimed the raid netted the seizure of 355.5 grams of chocolate candy which contained psilocybin, a strong hallucinogen found in mushrooms. They also reported seizing 1.215 ounces of hydroponically-grown marijuana, citing that some of the bud was packaged in small plastic baggies, ready for distribution. Scales, drug paraphernalia and currency were also found at the scene and Friendswood Police said the investigation is ongoing, and more arrests are expected in connection with the case.

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