Mysterious British Two-Car Collision With No Occupants


KENT’S ROAD, Torquay, United Kingdom ~ (This Is North Devon) ~ In what has to be one of the strangest motor vehicle accidents of all time, two British cars hit head-on and burst into flames- but neither vehicle contained any passengers.

No one was injured when the incident took place on March 22nd; at about 8:30am witness and Kent’s Road resident Bill Harborne said, “I was asleep at the time and woken by this banging noise. I looked out and saw these two cars on fire. It must have been a considerable collision. My wife saw the fire first — and I rang the brigade. They were already on their way.”
The two cars involved were a Paignton-registered Ford Mondeo and a BMW registered to someone in Brixham. Police and firefighters are still unclear exactly how the accident happened; the working theory is that the unoccupied Ford somehow lurched forward and struck the rear of the empty Beamer. A fire spokesman said, “we were told the Mondeo appeared to have moved forward into the BMW before catching fire. It’s a bit odd.”

Two fire crews attended the incident to quench the burning cars, and police spokesman confirmed that details of how the fire started remained uncertain. Recovery teams were called to take away the written-off vehicles.

Photo credit: Bill Harborne

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