Mysterious Maryland Creature Photographed


MARYLAND, U.S ~ (NBC Washington) ~ The Mexican Chupacabra seems to have a cousin living in Maryland. Unlike the Chupacabra, the creature has been captured and photographed by the employees of a local hospital.

Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly, Maryland sits right next to the woods.  The hospital recently banned smoking, so the worker’s have taken to taking smoke breaks in a spot near the woods. It was in this spot that the mysterious cryptic creature was first spotted.

X-ray technician Joe Livermore said, It’s a kangaroo, dog, rat mixed. He continued, It’s got a rat tail and a head like a deer. I don’t know what it is.

The creature soon became the talk of the hospital, being photographed on cell phones and nick named Prince Chupa, after the chupacabra of the southwest U.S. and Mexico.

Soon the hospital workers decided to trap Prince Chupa.

Livermore baited the animal with chicken and Chinese food leftovers and caged it. Getting a closer look did not help Livermore or anyone else identify the creature.

People said it was a fox, a deer, a dog, said Livermore.

Prince Chupa was released after some pictures were snapped of him. So far, those pictures haven’t been able to confirm that he is a unique and new species.

Those workers who interacted with the creature say that he isn’t aggressive and is quite shy.

Photo Credit: ABC News

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