Mystery Cat Found Washed Up On NYC Island


Last weekend, Governors Island in New York City, had one of the strangest deliveries: A salty cat with no return address… leading New Yorkers to believe that our furry friend jumped into the Hudson River and swam from New Jersey!

First of all – being a New Yorka’ myself – can you blame it? It’s Jersey people! According to the New York Daily News, “Security guards found the cat on the island’s north shore. Its fur was salty, matted and caked with seaweed.” Elizabeth Rapuano, spokeswoman for Governors Island, claims the workers that found the cat have a theory. “They think the cat managed to swim to safety after being swept up in torrential rains in New Jersey.” That’s over a mile for those of you doing the math. That may be true… but I have a theory as well. Let’s think about this. A cat is found struggling in New York waters? Has anybody considered that maybe kitty pissed off the wrong Italian Greyhound? I’m just sayin’.

Right now, the city is in the process of developing Governors Island which is a 172-acre stretch and the “plans include a waterfront promenade and 87 acres of green space.” Well, I guess they needn’t look any further for their little mascot.

So far, Rapuano says that the calico is a great addition to the island but is reaching out to find the rightful owner(s). Um… has anybody checked to see if Michael Phelps lost a cat? For those of you feline lovers that want to take part in helping the city name our nautical fuzzy friend, you can submit your choice at

Watch this cat get a Twitter handle and have more followers than Lindsay Lohan in an afternoon. (I figured I’d reference our current “cat burglar” with a matted coat.)


(Image from NY Daily News)

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