Naked Fisherman Reels In Felony Arrest


SPOKANE, Washington ~ ( AP) ~ Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a man after he was spotted fishing while naked on West Medical Lake.

A father fishing with his two young sons on August 14th complained to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department after he saw 54-year-old Dean H. Meginniss fishing completely naked. The unidentified man told police that he saw Meginniss stand up in his boat, in full view of the kids, as their boat motored across the lake.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the location and told Meginniss to put on some clothes; Meginniss responded by donning a pair of light-colored shorts and continued fishing. However, investigating deputies ran a background check on his name and discovered Meginniss had an outstanding warrant for stalking. Meginniss was arrested for the warrant, and was also charged with indecent exposure; he had been previously convicted of indecent exposure, making the Sunday arrest a felony.

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