Naked Man Breaks Into Home And Claims He Is Jesus


TOWN CREEK, Alabama ~ (Times Daily/AP) ~ A naked man broke into a home, claimed to be Jesus and chased away a woman and her children, according to local police.

Town Creek Police Chief Jerry Garrett reported on the arrest of 29-year-old Jeremiah Wade Buxton, who was charged with third-degree burglary, third-degree criminal mischief and indecent exposure. “We got a call about a naked man on the porch of a residence, and before I could get there, a second call came in that the man had broken into the house where a woman and her two small children were,” Garrett said.

The chief and an officer from the city of Courtland responded to the calls; he said the woman and her children fled the house and were not harmed. “He finally stuck his head around a corner and we saw him and he was naked,” Garrett said. As officers tried to talk with Buxton, he claimed the house was his and that he was Jesus Christ. “He said he was in heaven and he had cleansed himself of the old person,” Garrett said. “I asked why, and he said that was part of cleansing and he got rid of his old clothes.”

Garrett said Buxton also removed all the framed pictures, mostly family photos, from the walls of the house. “It was obvious that he was confused in a semi-dazed state and very slow to respond to questions,” Garrett said. “But you could tell he believed what he was saying — that he was Jesus Christ. Our main concern was that he didn’t hurt someone or himself.”

Buxton was later taken into custody without incident; the woman’s husband arrived after Buxton was in custody and allowed Buxton to borrow a pair of pants to wear to jail. Authorities report Buxton was taken to Lawrence County Jail, where he later tested positive for drugs; marijuana and methamphetamine. He’s still being held at that facility without bail.

Chief Garrett also added he had been called to assist a Buxton family member two days earlier. “He was in a truck with a family member on Alabama 101 and they got into an argument over him not wearing his seat belt,” Garrett said. “He got out of the truck, climbed a fence and ran off into a field and hid from her. The family member spent most of the day looking for him.” He said the house Buxton burglarized is located lass than a mile from where he jumped out of the truck. “I never dreamed, when I went on that call, that later in the evening I would end up arresting him for breaking into a house naked,” the chief said.

Photo credit: Lawrence County Jail

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