Nancy Grace Lawsuit Dropped: Tough Love or Just Too Tough?


The name Duckett may strike a familiar chord in your mind for good reason because it became the center of controversy years ago in the wake of a two year old boy’s disappearance. Melinda Duckett was a 21-year mother at the time who suffered through the worst thing a mother can endure… the loss of a child… and ultimately didn’t make it.

If any of you have ever seen news panjandrum Nancy Grace in action who’s show airs on CNN’s sister network, HLN, calling the woman outspoken is tame to say the least. We get it. No BS. A real toughy – that’s her thing. Unfortunately, four years ago, many believe that objurgating Duckett during a call-in went too far sparking a lawsuit based on emotional distress. A lawsuit that the family has decided to drop.

Here’s how the tragic turn of events unfolded: Duckett called in to Grace’s show for help on September 8th 2006. Grace, in what I feel was a despicable ratings ploy, decided to take a less than popular stand in the crisis, chastising Duckett claiming her son’s disappearance was due to a lack of supervision. During the interview, Duckett became so emotionally flustered, she actually seemed suspicious and self-incriminating which lead to a police investigation – this time as a suspect. Inevitably, as coping seemed bleaker with each passing moment, Duckett committed suicide the same day the Grace interview was shot.

The settlement, which still pends the approval by a federal judge, calls for Grace to establish a $200,000 trust dedicated to the effort to find Duckett’s missing son, Trenton. If the boy is found alive before his 13th birthday, trust proceeds will transfer to his benefit. If by 2017 (when he’s 13), he remains missing or is found dead, funds from the trust will transfer to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. (AP)

Nancy Grace could not be reached for comment. I assume she was too busy explaining to a homosexual victim of teen bullying that he wouldn’t have this problem if he weren’t so gay.

{image from HLN}

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