NASCAR Sprint Cup Winner Celebrates Victory at LAVO Las Vegas


Jimmie Johnson, winner of the NASCAR Sprint Cup, celebrated his victory last night at LAVO inside of the Palazzo Hotel and Casino. Joined by fellow driver Brian Vickers and members of the Lowes and Red Bull racing teams, the group enjoyed Grey Goose cocktails and wine with a plethora of great food.


There was a classic toast to Jimmie Johnson and his victory before the group headed upstairs to the nightclub to enjoy the sounds of DJ Vice.

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  1. Carl Edwards acted like such a jerk on sunday when he intentionall wrecked a car., apparently he might have though he was in days of thunder and he was cole trickle. IMHO he is a trouble maker and it would not suprise me if he ends up killing someone on the track. I just hope I am wrong. Well we shall see what happens next week when we do it all over again.

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