Natural Hair Remedies for Lackluster Hair [GUIDE]


Try any of These Three Ingredients to Give your Hair Extra Bounce and Sheen

You don’t have to spend salon prices to obtain beautiful, shiny hair. In fact, you can find some of the ingredients right in your own kitchen. For example, you can remove the residue left by shampoo by mixing a mild solution of a half cup of warm water with about three tablespoons of lemon juice, stale beer, or vinegar. Any of the aforementioned ingredients will give your hair extra bounce and sheen.

Soften Dry Hair with a Little Milk and Eggs

Or, if you want to condition dry hair, then you will find a great remedy by using egg yolks. Beat a couple yolks with a fork and add a little bit of milk. Then work the mixture into your damp hair. Let it set for approximately five minutes before rinsing out the gooey mix and shampooing. Voila! You will see a much happier head of hair.

Brew Some Chamomile Tea

If your hair looks rather drab and tired, then take that chamomile tea off the shelf and brew some for an after-shampoo rinse. Once it has cooled, pour the tea through your hair after you shampoo, leaving it on your head about five minutes before you wash it away. You will find, after a while, that those sad-looking locks have taken on a whole new personality.

A Superior Hot Oil Treatment

Also, a good hot oil treatment for your hair is olive oil. Depending on the length of your hair, use from a fourth cup to a half cup of the hair softener on your thirsty locks. Next, wind your tendrils in aluminum foil in order to seal in the oil and saturate the follicles. If needed, you can secure the foil with hair-setting tape. Use a vaporizer or run your shower on hot and dampen a large towel. Wrap the hot towel around the foil and leave it on your hair for about a half hour. You will be rewarded with silkier and more glistening tendrils.

A Natural Hair Remedy for Dandruff

Also, view the following video for a natural hair remedy for dandruff:

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