NBA Players Have Until Wednesday to Accept New CBA Deal


As we have now reached over one-hundred days of the NBA lockout, news continues to worsen. We have already lost the entire pre-season, as well as five days of regular season activity, and as David Stern recently threw down the hammer, the players and us fans, may be in serious jeopardy of losing the entire 2011-2012 season.

The headlining factor between the owners and players had been the BRI (basketball related income) split. The owners are dead set on a 50/50 split, while the players are pursuing more.

As of yesterday, the NBA commissioner laid all of the pressure upon the player’s union. He is giving them until this Wednesday to accept a 51/49 cut, which realistically leaves the players with 50.2 percent of all basketball related income.

Rumors have it that if the player’s reject this deal, and it is quite likely that they will, that the owners will then cut the next set to 47/53, which would seemingly lead to a forfeit of the entire season.

In short, the players feel like they are being taken advantage of and seem as if budging is not an option whatsoever. Let’s just hope that Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher have an overwhelming change of heart and accept this, for the fans’ sake, at least (don’t hold your breath, though).

Oh and by the way, $400 million has already been lost, just in less than a week of the lockout. Smart move on all accounts, huh?

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