NBC to Give Snoop Dogg a Sitcom [TELEVISION]


What’s the dizzle? It looks like NBC, a station notorious for making bad decisions in the last couple years, will now be giving Snoop his own sitcom. The show is being developed by Warner Bros TV, the same company that makes the popular show Two and a Half Men. Though a pilot is yet to be written news of the deal is already hitting the net.

According to Deadline Snoop will be teaming up with Don Reo, a veteran sitcom producer. In the planned multi-camera family sitcom Snoop Dogg will play the family patriarch. At this point not much else is known about the show itself.

This is not the 40 year old rapper’s first rodeo when it comes to acting. He has had multiple appearances on television shows as himself, popped up in a few movies like Starsky and Hutch and Soul Plane, and even had a reality show about his life with his wife and kids. Snoop is said to be focusing on his acting career and has recently been cast in the biopic The Legend of Fillmore Slim

Though the show is in its earliest stages it begs the question; will it ever see the light of day? It’s not a far stretch to say that a show starring Snoop Dogg may be better suited for a cable station. On the other hand, with NBC’s reputation dwindling from the Conan debacle to canceling two shows in the last week maybe creating a fresh new image is just what they need to revitalize the station.

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