NCAA Tournament Provides for Highest Ratings in 20 Years


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, no. Not THAT time. March Madness, baby (Dickie V voice).

The brackets have been shelled out, filled out, and scratched out. And with round two of one of the most highly watched, yearly sporting events underway, we now look to the coveted TV rankings. This year is slightly different than past, however, for the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. While the coverage has been monopolized to one network for years now, this year marks the initial expansion, in which the games are being broadcast over four different channels. This allows for more game coverage and, of course, no down time due to one game’s pesky, over-timed commercials. Gotta love that, don’t we guys? Just click, click, click — and enjoy.

With this year’s coverage being held by CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV, the ratings have seen their best numbers in 20 years, with a 24 percent boost from that of last year.

The expansion to multiple networks has been especially beneficial during the somewhat over-scheduled first round games, as you could have four or five contests going on at one time. And obviously, now thanks to the quarter of coverage, you can enjoy more of the intense tournament action, simply with a click of the remote.

But all in all, the proof is in the pudding. And the pudding has been tasted, reviewed, and found upgraded. The immensely solid move is much appreciated here, as I am no doubt one of the biggest college basketball fans around. So I’m sure I speak for many of us out there when I say, “It’s about time. But thank you.”

Here’s to your team and your bracket bringing you over-abounding joy throughout these next couple of weeks.

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