New Ghost-Busting iPhone Apps [TECH]


VALERIE BAUERLEIN who writes for the Wall Street Journal reports that a series of new iPhone apps—designed and marketed with the amateur paranormal investigator in mind—are becoming increasingly more popular.

While the K-II EMF meter has long been the technology of choice employed by professional and amateur ghost hunters alike, the new iPhone apps that have hit the market recently threaten to render it obsolete.

The K-ll is a hand-held device that can be purchased at any local Radio Shack for under $100 dollars. Originally, it was designed for measuring the ambient electromagnetic field discharge from items such as power lines, transformers, and household appliances. The device is now considered an indispensable tool in determining the impact of non-ionizing radiation, a potentially harmful by-product of electromagnetic energy.

However, with a few slight modifications the K-11 can be converted into what essentially amounts to a ghost-detector, at least according to many avid paranormal investigators and enthusiasts. And while—with good reason—the skeptics will remain skeptical, a number of new apps take advantage of the iPhone’s hardware allowing it to produce results similar to those of a modified K-11.

The Ghost Hunter M2 app can be downloaded for a mere $.99 cents and uses the iPhone’s magnetometer component to take the very same measurements made with a K-ll EMF meter. For a couple dollars more consumers can opt for the Ghost Seance app which claims to have the ability to contact spirits from the netherworld using a genuine medium’s voice recording. At least on the face of it, $2.99 seems like more than a fair price in exchange for the ability to text one’s dearly departed friends and relatives.

Manufacturers of the K-11 have come forward claiming that these new apps can’t possibly produce the same quality results but, then, what would you expect them to say. If the claims made by their designers are to be believed, these iPhones apps could also be put to use in more conventional ways for a fraction of the price of the K-11.

Whether or not these devices can actually deliver on their extraordinary claims is suspect at best. However, such apps are sure to provide endless hours of perfectly wholesome entertainment to millions of enthusiasts who can now scare the crap out of themselves till their heart’s content for under $3.

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