New Toys: LeBron James $9 Million Mansion Revealed


After several months filled with homeless nights, sweating in the hellish Miami heat, the Miami Heat’s LeBron James finally has a place to rest his head at night. Not just any pad, a $9 million waterfront mansion. After all, he is currently the most hated man in sports; he can afford a semi pricey palace.

Speculation however, was leading to anticipation of a much higher priced piece of real estate (estimated $50-$75 mill). I mean if you think about it, it is Miami, and low million dollar residences are fairly common. And not to forget that being one of the highest paid entertainers, James’ range is undoubtedly pretty much whatever he wants it to be.

Could this mean the newest addition to one of the now NBA front-running favorites is planning to leave his visit a bit short lived? I’m sure many of you would hope such, but relax. The King is locked into his deal with the Heat for several more years – many championships to go. Now on to the goods.

The Coconut Grove establishment features a lush, Biscayne Bay view from each of its 6 bedrooms, 12,178 square feet of living space, 8 and a half bathrooms, a wine cellar, library, home theater, three-car garage, infinity pool, poolside bar, and guest house. Oh and not to mention, his own personal dock which can sit not one, but two yachts. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, huh? Where’s Robin Leach (don’t know, don’t ask)?

All I can say (being a Miami resident myself) is welcome home LeBron. Oh and what should I bring to your housewarming party?

See imagery of LBJ’s mansion below:

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