New York Comes Out With Same Sex Marriage


Friday June 24, 2011 there was literal dancing in the streets of Greenwich Village in New York, and with good reason. New York is now the sixth state to recognize and legalize same sex marriage and the decision has had an overwhelming response. Celebrities from all over the world were Tweeting their support and enthusiasm for this wonderful place in history. Alyssa Milano tweeted, “Way to go, New York. One people. One planet. One love.”

That simple sentence seems to sum up the entire feeling about this necessary and long overdue change. This is an issue of human rights and love, and has opened up the doors to recognition and respect for the love two people share for each other, whether they are same sex or not. New York has joined the movement of equality and made it exceeding more visual. An extremely fashionable and high profile state as New York could create a domino effect with the legalization and recognition of same sex marriage.

Not only will other states feel pressured to follow the lead but also this has opened up a completely new venue for marriages. Now the wedding can be as cosmopolitan as it is fabulous and full of love, honesty and strength that only a same sex couple could understand and a great deal of straight couples could learn from. Congratulations New York for joining New England and listening to the voices of the human rights movement and the answering the calls for true equality.

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