New York Film Critics Dub The Social Network Film of the Year


The annual voter’s meeting for the New York Film Critics took place early Monday morning, and as result, Facebook flick, The Social Network was selected for two of the twelve winning categories. Taking home not only the top honor in Film of the Year, but also awarding its director, David Fincher, the recognition of Best Director, there should be little to no dispute of the featured film’s earnings.

Historical, comical, dramatic – what wasn’t present in the powerful combination which captivated by telling such an overwhelmingly relevant story, one that will undoubtedly be noted in history books to come. Not only was the cinematic work cast to perfection, but the roughly two hour long flick felt nothing like the drawn out piece it was predicted to be. Entertaining to the core as Facebook co-found Mark Zuckerberg’s character was played to perfection by Jesse Eisenberg, who spruced up the witty, comedic banter and left audiences intrigued about the man behind the multi-billion dollar idea.

And I must admit, the surprisingly pleasant sleeper award goes to Justin Timberlake, portraying Napster creator, Sean Parker. Not that the all around entertainer falls short or resembles that of a mediocre actor, but his dually noted charisma was purely evident and made for quite the accompanying role, merely accounting for another intricate piece of the equation that made for a powerful movie.

In closing, I whole-heartedly urge you, if you have yet to do so, to catch the flick for yourself, as whether you find at is intriguingly stimulating as myself or not, it is either way, one of the more historic incidences of our lifetime that one should not miss. And with that being said, now I must go check my Facebook.

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