New York Parks and Coastline: No Butts About Them


New York has around 1700 parks and almost 15 miles of coastline. With Europe only beginning to ban smoking in restaurants and bars, New York has pulled ahead another milestone. The councillors of the Big Apple have approved to get even tougher with the anti-smoking laws.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is set to sign the bill. Once he does this it will only be three months time before locals in New York have to begin adjusting to the new law to be in place for summer. Smoking in parks and on the coastline will be criminal. Oh, and you can include Times Square on the list, too.

The fine for breaking the law will be set at under $100, similar to those issued to beggars and those caught urinating in public. The idea is that pedestrians and people wanting to enjoy some fresh air can have it. If you think this law is stupid, then it may please you to know that the councillors recognize they will hardly be able to enforce it. They are depending on the locals to self-enforce it.

In LA and Chicago, the second and third largest cities in America respectively, smoking in city parks has already been banned. Some of the councillors in New York voted against it because they fear America is becoming too “totalitarian”. One representing the Democratic party commented, “I truly believe government is being too restrictive in his particular matter. It’s a totalitarian society that’s going to have this type of restrictions.”


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