New York Times: How Old Are You?


For those of you that have read my views regarding the city I hold nearest to my heart or dare I say, have had the “pleasure” of meeting me to discuss the urban heaven and place I will always think of as home – New York City. You know how out of character it is for me to criticize anything having to do with my concrete utopia.

However, today I cross that line and go after the New York Times and their tasteless announcements of mediocre progression achievements that other publications in the nation accomplished years ago. Starting with last month’s self adulation for naming Frank Bruni their “first openly gay op-ed columnist in the Times’ 160-year history.” Really? So let me get this ‘straight’, Times… This is the first time it dawned on you that a gay guy might have the knack for witty criticism and demanding the best when critiquing the city’s newest and most posh eateries? It’s this kind of discovery that makes me feel your publication should be delivered via short bus.

As if that wasn’t foolish enough to publicly announce. Just today, according to Reuters, “The New York Times named Jill Abramson as its first woman executive editor.” Now I’m not a feminist by any means… but if I was in charge of one of the most respected print news sources, the fact that we waited until 2011 to finally give a woman the same chance as a man would be my biggest secret… Not the lead headline.

What is wrong with this paper? And what is wrong with the people throwing accolades their way? If they asked me what my opinion was regarding either of these culturally groundbreaking (according to their company) decisions, my official answer is, “About goddamn time!”

Well, you heard it first here folks. It has happened. Jason has officially expressed disappointment in something New York related. We live in an era where companies are trying to win our support by finding alternative means of energy, going green, employment options to help the economy, etc. We need to give credit to companies that are doing things like that which are truly progressive. Not throwing mini-parties for a company like the Times that in the last couple of weeks just decided to give a woman and a gay guy a shot. Sorry people. It’s going to take one hell of a company picnic to win me back.

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