NFL Coach Sells His Mercedes to Cafeteria Worker for 20 Bucks


So maybe we were wrong. There just might be a few good guys left out there, especially shocking however, when it comes to a high-profile industry such as professional sports.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ former secondary coach (now defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals), Ray Horton, blessed a team cafeteria worker with his 1999 Mercedes SL500 convertible for a mere $20. Must have been some delicious eats that day, huh?

Reportedly, the team employee would regularly joke with coach Horton, asking him when he would let him take his Mercedes for a spin. To that he would always reply, “you can’t afford the gas in it.” Well, hopefully that isn’t the exact truth as the meal-time worker now has a luxury vehicle on his hands, that he must fuel up week in and week out.

But here’s just how it went down: On Horton’s last day with the organization, he went up to the worker and questioned him if he could borrow whatever cash he had in his pocket. And as the man passed Horton a $20 bill, he then replied, “Sold for $20!” And handed him the keys to his car.

The man was then designated to drive the coach to the airport to see him off, as Horton handed over all the coinciding paperwork. And by the way, the Kelly Blue book value of the Mercedes was $17,735. Not a bad deal, right?

In speaking of the tremendous act of kindness, Horton merely said, “It’s just taking care of guys who took care of you.”

The NFL, scratch that, the world needs more guys like coach Ray Horton. Now pay it forward.

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