Nicolas Cage’s Awful Hairstyle in 3D. I’ll DRIVE ANGRY For That [REVIEW]


Nicolas Cage‘s newest action vehicle would feel right at home slapped into a grindhouse double feature. That is exactly how I felt watching this gleefully disturbing, over the top action flick.

Cage plays John Milton, a man who is so pissed off that his granddaughter was kidnapped that he breaks out of hell to get her back. You read that correctly. Cage is dead. And you can’t kill a dead man now can you? So strap in, throw on some 3D glasses and get ready for excess in every arena of this film.

DRIVE ANGRY 3D” is unapologetic, violent, ridden with full frontal nudity, coarse language, and Cage sporting a hairdo so bad that is makes men with male pattern baldness (like myself) happier that we can’t grow a mop that makes eyes water once they see it.

So getting by Cage’s hairdo what do we have here? We have Milton, joined up by Piper (the beautiful Amber Heard), on the road in search of his granddaughter. His daughter was murdered by a group of Satanists who think that sacrificing Milton’s only next of kin will bring Hell back to earth. While Milton and Piper are hot on the trail of these cultists they are constantly being pursued by a well dressed man known only as “The Accountant”. You don’t want to find yourself added to his books.

I enjoyed “Drive Angry” but it isn’t for everyone. It’s gross. It’s in your face with the 3D and the gore. I’ll put it to you this way. In one scene that can sum up the feel of this movie, it involves Cage banging a waitress while dispensing of a dozen or so bad guys. And he enjoys every minute of it. I did as well. It’s fun and, not for one minute, does it try to be anything other than what it is.

All in all, a guilty pleasure to the nth degree.

*** 1/2 stars (out of 5)

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