Nike Releases Environmental Apparel Design Tool To Industry


Athletic branded juggernaut, Nike is now offering its newly released Environmental Apparel Design Tool to all its fellow competitors. The program consists of a software in which a series of tests and calculations can be given to any so desired designer/brand/label to therein result in the best and most environmentally friendly usage of materials and products.

My mother always did say, sharing is caring, and I guess Nike has taken that a step further in implementing the whole “strength in numbers” cliche as it feels it is imperative to co-join amongst powers to in turn truly make a difference in preserving our precious planet.

As the multi-billion dollar company has consistently remained at the forefront amongst its competitors and also continues to be utterly innovative, should we really be that shocked that they are indeed the first (as far as I’m aware of) to create such an echo-friendly crutch? The impressive aspect, no doubt, is in offering up of such services to whomever so chooses to take advantage of. Coming together in unity of a greater good. I guess there are a few good people left in this world (who knew).

It will be interesting to see the reactions and responses from the rest of the field as to how adamant brands are in implementing the EADT into their own companies. Regardless of its welcoming, it is undoubtedly an amazing product and even greater act of selfless kindness on the part of Nike, that should in no way be overlooked or under appreciated. See video below for a more in depth explanation:

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