Nude Burglar Caught Stealing Sausages


ESTERO, Fla. — Police in Florida apprehended a man who was videotaped stealing sausages and other items from a clubhouse while he was completely nude.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office charged Joshua Ryan Abernathy, 34, with burglary and petty theft, after surveillance cameras caught Abernathy walking around the Mariner’s Cove Clubhouse in Estero, Fla. nude on Jan.7 according to Naples (Fla.) Daily News.

Abernathy is accused of stealing $15 worth of sausages, a $25 first aid kit and about $5 worth of napkins, sounds like he was planning a trip to Charlie Sheen’s place.

After reviewing the video, authorities recognizing Abernathy arrested the nude thief on Jan 19. and charged him with burglary and petty theft.

Abernathy is also facing charges of occupied burglary and grand theft after he allegedly stole $335 worth of items, including a bicycle and assorted alcoholic beverages, from a woman’s garage on Dec 5.

However, a few things about this story remain unclear.  Why was he nude during the break-in? Why did he steal sausages, first aid kit and 5 bucks worth of napkins? Sadly, this question like the other great ponders of man will likely remain a mystery. It’s good to know Abernathy is out there being extra creepy and nude for our entertainment.

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