Nude Photo of Kate Moss Sells for More Than $25,000 [PIC]


English model Kate Moss has been driving men crazy for decades — so much so that a notorious photo of the iconic beauty recently sold for quite the pretty penny — try just over $25,000.

The images isn’t just any regular shot, though. The photo is a Moss favorite from her early days (1993). The shot highlights the somewhat controversial starlet in a black and white spread, featuring no clothing whatsoever. That’s right — nude. Stop drooling, fellas.

The image was captured by famed fashion photographer Albert Watson during a photoshoot in Marrakech, Morocco. The coveted collectible is 57 inches by 45 inches, which obviously accounts for a pretty decent size capturing of Kate baring it all. I’m sure your wife would be cool with notching that above the fireplace, right?

Nonetheless, the photo was recently featured in a high-priced auction where it again sold for more than $25,000 to an incredibly lucky (well, wealthy) bidder.

Enjoy a look below:

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