NY Asst Prosecutor Reportedly Doubled As Paid Dominatrix


NEW YORK CITY, New York ~ (USA Today/ New York Post) ~ A lawyer for the New York state attorney general’s office has been suspended after inquiries into her double life as an S&M dominatrix.

36-year-old Alisha Smith had been working as a prosecutor by day, but according to inquiries made by the New York Post, she also reportedly worked as a paid performer for fetish events during her off hours. The Post reports that as dominatrix “Alisha Spark” she was known for wearing skin-tight, transparent latex outfits with heart-shaped pasties and would restrain and whip people. The paper learned of the activities from a source active in New York’s fetish scene and claimed that, on August 5th, Smith sent out a post on Twitter where she shared her experience in trying to find the best price for a sex lubricant. The office suspended Smith after the Post inquired about her extracurricular activities.

A spokesman for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Smith has been suspended without pay, effective immediately, pending an internal investigation. The unnamed spokesman would not elaborate on the reason for the suspension. An executive order in the attorney general’s office stipulates that employees must “obtain approval … before engaging in any outside pursuit … from which more than $1,000 will be received or is anticipated to be received” the Post reports. Smith had previously worked in the securities fraud department, and was praised three years ago by then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (now governor) for her role in obtaining a $5 million settlement from Bank of America and other firms in a securities fraud case. Smith and her lawyer, Marshall Mintz, have declined to comment.

Photo credit: Bridgette Stelzer/ Splash News

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