NYC Couple Settle Divorce In A Loony Toony Way


Seemingly coming from the minds of Cartoons, a New York couple has decided to settle their rancorous divorce in an extremely peculiar way. According to the Associated Press, “the feuding couple built a wall though their house because neither husband nor wife would give it up, [and finally] granted a divorce after six years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees.”

Well, at least the kids don’t have too far of a commute during the holidays. Here’s how it went down judicially: “In August 2005, a judge said Simon Taub, whom Chana had forced out of the house, could move back in after building the wall. Chana Taub appealed and managed to prevent construction. An appeals panel allowed the wall, which went up December 2006.” Damn I love NYC! Only in that city could a husband and wife look at each other and say, “No! Fu*k you. I’m not leaving. Build a wall for all I care!” And then have a judge legally approve it!? What is this, a Warner Brothers animation?

Are you ready for the construction notes? “The wall separates the first-floor living room from a staircase inside the Taubs’ three-story rowhouse. She had the top floor and part of the second floor. He got the first floor and part of the second. A second-floor door is barricaded on both sides so that they don’t run into each other.”

Boy, I would have loved to have had lunch with the poor bastard contractor in charge of that mess. How much you want to bet the man either lost his hair, developed a ravenous drinking problem, or was medically forced into retirement?

As if Mr. and Mrs. Love-Struck needed any further encumbrances exacerbating this ridiculous split, it was further “complicated by the fact that New York did not have no-fault divorce until 2010 (a jury denied them a divorce under the old law) and by a bankruptcy filing by Chana Taub.”

Well, what a catch! If anybody is tired of perusing the lepers, you can find these mature eligible bachelors conveniently at the same Borough Park, Brooklyn address. So, what the hell…bring a friend! At least you know they’re not cheap. Over $1 million in legal fees and counting. Woo Hoo! Can you say baggage?

(Image from AP)

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