NYC MTA Snow Conundrum Continues To Blow


Christmas time on the East coast – New York City in particular – is a magical time of year. The days leading up to the Oh Holy Night right through to the ball dropping in Times Square letting people know the world over it’s time to ring in and welcome the new year. One imperative contribution from Mother Nature in creating this Winter wonderland is of course the snow. And this year’s blizzard is making the city feel like they are a holiday snow globe in the hands of a hyperactive child. Stop shaking us!

As reported by the New York Daily News this morning, New Yorkers were greeted with the most tumultuous commute in some time. The 2010 Christmas Blizzard, as it’s being referred to, brought the Northeast’s biggest and most comprehensive public transit system to its knees today.

It left the NY Mass Transit Authority (MTA) with no option other than to suspend numerous subway and bus lines and completely close the Long Island Railroad and their Metro-North line, which begins at Grand Central Station and runs north through The Bronx into upstate New York.

Our friends on the other side of the Hudson River, New Jersey Transit, called the shot to close all bus service. The report continued to state that, “Hundreds of buses were stuck across the city since Sunday night.” MTA spokeswoman, Marjorie Anders, said, “This was a very long, problematic night.” That was probably due in part to the reported 400 buses disabled by snow, radio airwaves jammed with distress calls, manpower shortage, a dispatched rescue train that had to travel southbound on northbound tracks – a dangerous maneuver requiring overriding network signals – and two A trains bumping into each other resulting from icy rails at the Grant Ave. Station in Brooklyn. Wow! Talk about no time for caroling.

Alright, alright, not everything this holiday season is a miracle. But I’ll tell you one thing, whether or not each snowflake is truly unique and no two are alike, one thing that has also laid a blanket over the city that never sleeps, is synergy. Working together to create a force that only New York can burn brightly. The efforts of this great metropolis overcame one of the greatest terrorists attacks in history… believe me, Frosty and friends have no chance. So, for the greatest city in the world, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.”

(Image from NY Daily News)

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