Presents: How To Piss in Public [VIDEO]


Let’s face it — sometimes making your way to an utterly inconvenient public restroom is simply out of the question. Whether it be too far or you merely have no knowledge of the nearest facilities, sometimes you are just forced to improvise. Lucky for you (and myself, alike) Vans (yes, the skate brand) has come up with several full-proof techniques to aid your pissing in public skill-set. What — you weren’t aware of the necessity? Maybe not up until this point, but do yourself a favor and look, listen, and learn.

VICE co-founder Gavin McInness was once in the same boat as all of us — in dyer need of a pee-break, but with nowhere to let it all out. Then he was educated, as well as developed himself, on several scenarios and how-to’s of the peeing in public routine. Yes, if you’ve totally been turned off, might as well click to the next article. The video won’t appease much beyond my fascinating descriptions.

First, you will more-than-likely need a few, select, every-day items such as a coffee cup, cellular device, and hand-bag, just to be awarded with the full arsenal. You will then be forced to develop a set of balls, as to move beyond amateur status, to continue the constant flow while interacting with an actual human-being. But don’t just take my word for it any longer. Let Mr. McInness shock your mind and further your well-being, as he does indeed teach you How To Piss in Public.

Beware, however, of that pesky urinary arrogance. No sleep-pissing, okay?

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