Ohio Police Find Thousands Of Dollars Beside Highway


 DELAWARE, Ohio (DailyMail) ~ Police officers couldn’t believe their eyes when they found thousands of dollars on the side of a busy Ohio highway. There was so much, one deputy was quoted as saying it looked, “like the field was growing money.”
 Now the authorities are trying to figure out how the bills came to be left on the roadside of U.S. Route 23, just north of Columbus. Officers spent several hours picking up the currency bills, totalling over $10,000, after a surprised motorist raised the alarm when he saw money floating past his car window. Delaware Chief of Police Russ Martin won’t reveal the exact amount recovered, but did say, “we’d like to leave that a secret now, but I can tell you it was five figures.”
 Police have checked with the FBI, an armored car company and bank couriers, but still have no reports of missing cash; they’ve withheld any more details about exactly where the money was found, as they hope the owner can provide details to prove any future claim. Martin also said they are fairly confident that officers recovered all the money, therefore drivers shouldn’t stop in hopes of finding anything left behind.
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