Ohio Police Find Two Alligators In Local Home


LEXINGTON, Ohio ~ (Mansfield News Journal) ~ A pair of small alligators were found at a home by local police when they answered a home invasion call.

Deputy Donald Zehner reported that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department received a call around 9:30pm on Friday, October 21st, from someone reporting an alleged home invasion in the 1100 block of Vanderbilt Road. But then, dispatchers talked to a man who, according to Zehner, “said ‘I was just playing a joke to scare my girlfriend’.” Five deputies responded to the call and arrived at the scene with lights and sirens, where officers found the two alligators in an upstairs room.

Deputies were told the 2-to-3-foot long alligators were acquired from a man who didn’t want them and planned to release them in the Clear Fork Reservoir. Two deputies working as a team managed to secure the reptiles and tape their snouts shut, Zehner said. Richland County Humane Society supervisor Missy Houghton said the alligators would be kept there overnight, most likely in a corridor away from other animals, as the facility is full with a large number of dogs.

The non-profit group will contact animal rescue groups affiliated with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to find a reputable place for them to be relocated. “They may use them for zoo purposes or educational purposes,” Houghton said, “things like this don’t really make good pets, no matter how macho it makes you look.” Zehner said this is the third alligator incident deputies have encountered. “We’re happy the humane society is here to take them, otherwise we wouldn’t have any other place,” he said.

Photo credit: Jason J. Moylet/ Mansfield News Journal

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