ONE SNORT OVER THE LINE: Bruno Mars, Paris Hilton Prosecutor Busted for Cocaine


LAS VEGAS, Nevada — “When it rains, it snows”—Here is a story to make you chuckle. The Las Vegas deputy DA that prosecuted Paris Hilton and Pop Singer Bruno Mars for cocaine possession was arrested Saturday night for……the same damn thing.

Yes, the Hypocrisy was as thick as a Charlie Sheen’ coke rail  when Clark County Deputy DA David Schubert was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center Saturday night.

Police Spokesman, Jay Rivera told The Las Vegas Sun newspaper that Schubert was charged with possession of cocaine late Saturday night.

Details about Schubert’s arrest were not revealed, but further information is expected to be announced on Monday, Rivera said.

Schubert recently prosecuted the high-profile drug cases involving Paris Hilton and pop singer Bruno Mars this past summer.

Hilton and Mars both received what amounts to a slap on the nostril for their coke charges.

The vapid socialite and the pop singer, who were arrested on separate occasions, were each fined $2,000 and given 200 hours of community service and ordered to stay out of trouble for a year. They both avoided serious jail time.

Jail records late Sunday afternoon indicated Schubert was no longer in the detention center, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

It is not known if Schubert has hired a lawyer, or if he plans to return to work on Monday.  One can only speculate the awkwardness of that situation.

The question of “How was your weekend?” could raise serious snickers among colleagues.

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