Oprah–tastic! Driving Up The Gift Extravagance!


Over the past 26 years, Oprah Winfrey, has single-handedly shaped daytime television as we know it. The legendary media queen is known for many things, but lavish gifts for her loyal studio audiences are most notably her specialty. As her last season rapidly comes to cessation, talk about going out with a bang!

Oprah left Monday’s audience in hysterics with a surprise announcement that they were part of her annual highly coveted holiday “Favorite Things” episode, which turned them into a snapshot redolent of a mosh pit at a Michael Jackson concert. I gather her staff is well aware of what her booming divulgence is capable of doing to an unsuspecting woman by their decision to have paramedics on hand in the studio.

The partial extravagant gift list included: Le Creuset cast iron pots and pans, Sony Bravia 3D TVs, iPads, designer purses, jewelry boxes, diamond earrings, clothing, and the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, which isn’t even available to the public until May 2011, for each and every one of the 275 members of the audience! You may recall, this is not the first time Oprah has made headlines with car giveaways. In fact, she even received a little scrutiny the last time she pulled this trick because there were a number of audience members that couldn’t afford the taxes. Well, they took care of that this time around. According to Bloomberg, the vehicles wrack up $7,000 in taxes and fees that… ready for this?… Volkswagen is going to cover every penny of! Forget the medics, the studio should be well equipped with fainting couches and warning signs that read: ‘Caution – floor may be wet from fresh tears and drool’.

Once the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” inevitably ends, she will only be taking a brief hiatus as she undertakes her biggest venture yet – The “O” Network, which is set to launch on cable January 1, 2011.

Her final show is set to air on September 9, 2011 and if I’ve done the escalating math correctly leading up to this last taping, members of her studio audience will hear (said in Oprah voice), “Everyone’s getting a country!!!!!! You’re getting a country! You’re getting a country! You’re getting a country! Ahhhhhh!”

(image from AP)

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