Original Mean Girl Radio Host Dr. Laura is Now Tatted Up


While she’s counseling callers live on the air, Los Angeles talk radio veteran Dr. Laura Schlessinger always takes the holier than thou, tough love approach to giving out advice. But what words of wisdom would she have for a 63 year old woman who is overflowing with pride about a brand new shoulder tattoo, which just happens to feature a skull clutching a rose stem in its teeth? Skillfully inked by Glenn West at Classic Tattoo, the recipient of this Hell’s Angels-worthy marking is none other than Dr. Laura herself.

She may be the pied piper of moral superiority when sitting behind the microphone, but Dr. Laura has been known to ride a Harley and even pump iron in her free time. This motorcycle (old enough to be) grandmamma has even posted 13 images of this recent branding on her website, www.drlaura.com. So if movies like Saw 3D and Paranormal Activity 2 aren’t quite scary enough for you, feel free to have a look if you dare. Perhaps Dr. Laura will be taking a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ approach from now on.

Accusations of hypocrisy are nothing new for Dr. Laura. In 1998, one of Dr. Laura’s radio colleagues sold nude photos he had taken of Schlessinger to a company that specialized in internet porn, and the good doctor unwisely used the “N” word no less than 11 times on the air when advising an African American caller that was married to a white man.

Don’t be surprised if Dr. Laura’s next book is titled, “The Proper Care and Tattooing in Marriage.”

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