OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network: This Time You Pay For Her


This weekend was another milestone – and arguably the one with the highest magnitude – for Oprah Winfrey as her highly anticipated OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network launched. Of course early reports are flooding in with high acclaim. But, that’s understandable because as you know, if you say anything negative against our media queen, she’ll have you killed. Well, that’s a bit much… just you’re career. In fact, the fingers I used to type that last sentence with are starting to hurt. I’m sorry O, sorry!

Even with the threat of complete annihilation, that didn’t stop some disgruntled fans from speaking out against the network that you have to pay for. One viewer kvetched, “Cannot believe Oprah would launch a new show on a cable channel that is not part of the basic service.” The New York Post goes on to report that another commented, “She will be losing some of her most loyal fans because they either do not have cable or they have basic cable. I have basic cable and do not plan on changing my cable service.” And yet another writes, “I am very disappointed that I will not be able to watch Oprah (whom I love)… I cannot afford to pay the extra monthly fee.”

I guess that’s what you get when you’ve spent nearly your whole career giving lavish gifts away. People probably figure, “Hell, she gave Joey a Toyota… I’m sure we’ll be able to pick up the OWN with bunny ears.” Sorry folks, she took Ted Turner’s lead.

Even with these few negative posts made on Oprah.com, the majority of the almost 8,000 comments were positive. The Post wrote that during Saturday’s launch of OWN, it was “available in more than 80 million homes.” Now just to be clear, it is true that OWN is in fact not part of the basic cable lineup, but is available with most TV services covering one step above the standard tier (which most people have now due to the mere dollars difference). In many areas, and Time Warner Cable customers in particular, you may notice that OWN has replaced whatever station Discovery Health was on in your area.

You have to stand in awe at the monumental accomplishment this media monarch has achieved. Pay service or not – she did it her OWN way. Hmm… sounds like something ‘Ol Blue Eyes himself might say.

(Image from People)

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