Paris Hilton Arrives at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas


Paris Hilton arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas this Friday (March 6th) and was ready to start her weekend-long birthday celebration. Hilton arrived with 15 friends who flew by private jets and rolled into the Hard Rock in a caravan of SUVs.
Paris Hilton in Las Vegas
As usual, we’re told she looked stunning, and breezed into the hotel directly to her Penthouse – smiling and saying hello to guests along the way.

She later dined at AGO restaurant inside of the casino with a group of twenty, while wearing a short, silver, sparkly dress with a headband across her forehead.
Paris Hilton in Las Vegas
At some point in the dinner, Paris Hilton was quoted as saying, “Someone might get arrested…but we’re in fucking Vegas, so let’s party!” She was also seen showing public displays of affection toward rumored flame Doug Reinhardt who were seen kissing and toasting throughout the birthday dinner. Paris Hilton will be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas and is ready to party – so if you see her make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!

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