Party at Blockbuster in Las Vegas for Star Trek DVD Release


This is definitely something different. There will be an upcoming celebration at a Blockbuster Video here in Las Vegas for the DVD release of “Star Trek”. If you’re in attendance you can expect a Star Trek costume contest, trivia contest, prizes, giveaways and more.

Star Trek DVD Release Party Las Vegas
In addition to the prizes and contests, there will be a viewing at 10pm where party attendees will have the opportunity to watch the new movie before it is available for purchase at midnight. Anyone who buys a copy of the DVD will receive an additional two free rentals.

It all goes down on Monday, November 16th at 8pm with the screening at 10pm and the sales at midnight. If you’re interested in this event, then be at the Blockbuster Video on 9785 S. Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas on Monday! We want to see photos!

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