Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto at Rain Nightclub Las Vegas


I don’t know what’s taken me so long to get over to Rain Nightclub Las Vegas to check out Perfecto – the new Saturday event at The Palms Las Vegas with the world famous DJ Paul Oakenfold. Shout out to my boy J-Roc for getting us on stage and less than 5 feet away from the legendary DJ.

Paul Oakenfold at Perfecto Las Vegas
Paul Oakenfold at “Perfecto” – Rain Nightclub Las Vegas

“This is better than Cirque De Soilel” said Diana Santos, a friend from New Jersey who had seen the Cirque show earlier in the week.

Girls at Perfecto Las Vegas
Brittany, Diana and Julia at Rain Nightclub Las Vegas

The scene was phenomenal. It was really more of an “experience” than it was a nightclub setting. There were acrobats flying down from the ceiling, coming close enough to tap club goers on their heads. Acrobats twirled around in the sky in outfits that glowed to the black lights. My favorite performer was the girl dressed in a sexy metal get-up, who took a hand-saw to her outfit, causing it to throw sparks to the sounds of DJ Paul Oakenfold. Check this out:

The sound quality is rough, but you get the point. Anyway, Paul Oakenfold himself was great. It was amazing seeing someone with such passion for his music. What amazed me was that he did not use a laptop to move the crowd with his sounds. Instead, he stuck to the (what is now) old school CDJ turntables and used CDs from his collection to spin throughout the night. At certain points, he would take a spotlight and throw it on different acrobats that were performing in the sky above the crowd. My favorite part about Oakenfold is how he displayed his love for his music. If he wasn’t raising his arms to motivate the club goers, he was in the booth by himself dancing as though he was on the dance floor himself.

If you haven’t been to Perfecto Las Vegas at Rain Nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort yet – it’s a must see. Perfecto is an “experience” put on by the world famous Paul Oakenfold and his cast and crew every Saturday night at the Rain Nightclub Las Vegas. See you there!

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