Paula Deen Has A Chicken Eviction Cooking Up


If you’ve ever seen Paula Deen in action, you know that five hens probably just looks like a calorie-ridden tart snack for her next episode. But not this time. Turns out the hens ruffled a soft spot in Deen’s feathers and she took the abandoned birds in (And treated like royalty I assume). The only strange part for them must have been when she fed them her delectable Independence Day Rosemary Chicken Pot Pie. Hmm… talk about eating yourself.

According to an article released by Savannah Now News, “Last Wednesday, Chatham County issued celebrity chef Paula Deen a violation notice about the five rescue hens she keeps in a luxury coop on her marshfront property on Wilmington Island.” The reason being, as stated by the director of Chatham County Building Safety and Regulatory Services, Gregori Anderson, “Deen’s property is not zoned with either of two ‘residential agricultural’ designations, the only zones that allow chickens in unincorporated Chatham County.” Which probably leads most of you to the same conclusion I came to at this point: Who the hell gives a hen’s ass?

Deen is in the process of fighting to keep her cluck clucks right in her backyard. She introduced the world to her five new friends during a web broadcast recently and stated that “she loves her chickens for the soft feathers and the ‘farm-fresh eggs’ they lay.” We knew there was a food aspect somewhere in her motivation, right ya’ll? She continued, “If you have the opportunity, get out in your yard and build your little chicken coop. They’re just wonderful, calming animals to have around.” Unfortunately, the boys in zoning have a different view – freshly scrambled eggs and all. Well, at least they did once the pesky neighbors started “squawking” and “flapping their wings.” Come on… how often can you use those sayings so appropriately?

All in all, The Huffington Post remarked that “Deen’s representatives have remained noncommittal in their response to the citation, saying that Deen will comply with whatever ruling county officials ultimately reach.” I say “good for you” Mrs. Deen and your coop. This is so American… it gives me a distinct craving for Chicken and Biscuits. In fact I’m heading over to your website for a recipe!

(Image from Paula Deen)

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