Pet-a-Palooza Las Vegas Leaves One Dog Dead After Pitbull Attack


The 11th annual Pet-a-Palooza Las Vegas was this past weekend on Saturday and ended in tragedy for one Las Vegas family when their dog was mauled and killed by another family’s Pitbull.


A local Las Vegas family woke up Saturday morning and put their dog on a leash to join another couple and their pet for a day at Pet-a-Palooza. It was just like any other day in the park with their dog when all of a sudden, “I turned around and saw my dog’s head in another dogs mouth,” explained the victim, whose name we chose not to disclose. “I started screaming and yelling then rushed [my dog] to the hospital, where later he died,” she continued.

From January 1, 2005 to March , 2010, has record 158 fatal dog attacks in the United States, with Pittbulls (the same dog in this instance) being responsible for 56% of them. That’s more than half! With that said, do you dogs of this type should be allowed at a fun and friendly event for the family? Please know, I was one a Pitbull owner myself, and think its a shame that 1 bad incident can tarnish the image of the all of its kind.

We asked Las Vegas for their opinion on Twitter regarding this story and here were some of the responses:

“Petapalooza is a bad mix of trained / untrained dogs and pet parents, with loud music [and] crowds. Not safe for anyone,” – @SleepoverRover

“Another reason I don’t take Chopper…” – @Shaunmo

“Jen, the dogs and I almost went but decided to see Hot Tub Time Machine instead. Wise choice, I guess.” – @Eddie736

“We were at Petapalooza all day and all the dogs and people seemed to get along fine,” – @SherylLoch

The annual Pet-a-Palooza is a celebration of music, family and our love for animals within the community and I personally think it is a great annual event for Las Vegas to enjoy. I suppose the unfortunate incident at Pet-a-Palooza this year doesn’t change that fact, but at what point will pet owners start being responsible for their animals going out and killing others? I guess the purpose of this post is to raise awareness and ask you to please, be responsible for your pets. If they pose a threat to other animals or people perhaps they shouldn’t be out there with them. Keep an eye on you pets to make sure they are both safe and acting in a friendly manner. This is life or death.

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